Capturing your dogs behaviour.

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capturing dog behaviour

Has your dog ever done something amazing out of the blue and unexpectedly?

Something that made you jump for joy and filled you with pride?

I hope you rewarded it.

And if so, you used a technique called capturing.

Capturing is one of my favourite ways to train a dog.

It teaches a dog to think.

And its not often dogs think too hard about things.

It also means I don’t have to do too much.

All I need is patience.

But when a dog thinks about what they are doing, and how they just got the reward, it creates a stronger memory.

They begin to try things again, to see if it gets a reward again.

And each time it gets faster.

They are more enthusiastic about doing it.

Handstands and leg lifts

At the weekend I was training Rio to lift a back leg and place it on the wall (kinda like a boy peeing), to give him a bit of a work out, strengthen his back legs, and stretch his brain.

After a few reps he was doing both sides really nicely, everything that was being asked of him he did. I ended the session and got up to put the treats away, and there he was, doing a handstand, (or pawstand), against the wall.

I was so impressed and blown away that I gave him a jackpot.

Then I waited.

He did it again, all by himself!

So he got more rewards!

I captured a behaviour.

And by being super fast with the rewards, I made it more likely to happen again (which it did).

Its not always tricks

I have used this method for many, many things.

Like teaching a new scent in scentwork.

Or even on the very first day I brought Rio home, it’s how I trained his sit.

Its a very useful method of dog training, which creates an intelligent, eager to train pooch.


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