Dog Behaviour Problems

behaviour problems

Dog Behaviour Problems

Dog behaviour problems can develop for a variety of reasons but you don’t have to manage with it anymore!  Do you feel like you yell at your dog more than you play with him?  Or are you just about managing the problem instead of seeing improvements?  We can help.

Our behaviour modification programs are specially tailored for your dog, using force free training to teach your dog what to do, instead of punishing what not to do.  This approach minimizes your dogs stress.  Making him more relaxed, and able to listen to the command that you give in any situation.

Common Dog Behaviour Problems...




barking dog

Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety



House Soiling

dog lunging



Dog behaviour problems can be embarrassing and make life extremely difficult for dog owners.  Canine behaviour can often be complex, confusing and sometimes misunderstood by owners.  Unleashed Pawtential helps you understand why your dog is doing what he does.  This is an extremely important step in working to change the bad behaviour and replace it with acceptable behaviour.

 How It Works

  • Contact us! We’re very friendly and eager to help.
  • Set up a consultation so that we can see what your dog is doing, why he is doing it, and how we can change it.  The consultation will take place in your home, with all household members present if possible.
  • We will email you a questionnaire before the consultation to find out more about your dog, his background, and behaviours that you wish to change.  This helps to speed up the consultation process so that we can do more training.
  • During the consultations we will assess your dog to find out exactly what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how we can change it.  You will be taught all of the training techniques necessary and answer any questions you may have.  We will not leave until we are sure that you are happy and confident with the training plan given.
  • We will provide you with a training plan recapping the training done on the day as well as how to progress in the future.
  •  More 1-2-1 lessons are available and may be necessary in cases of aggression or hard to change behaviours.
  • Full email support will be given after the consultation. We love to hear about the progress you’re making!