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He’s A Great Dog But….

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house training a dog

‘I wish I could leave him alone without destroying the house’

‘I wish he would play nicely with other dogs’

‘I wish he would pee outside’

Are just some of the things clients will tell me.  It’s clear that they adore their dog, and the dog adores them, but the little niggles are driving them crazy.  ‘Most dog owners think their dog is better trained than those belonging to other people’, according to a survey by pet365.co.uk.  But no dog is perfect, you have to train the dog in  front of you and not compare with others.

Occasionally, changing a dogs behaviour can be done in a week or two, just by changing how you deal with the problem, or by recognising things that may be contributing.  But it can also be a long road ahead.  The main thing is, with consistency, commitment, and knowhow, things CAN change. for the better.

Let’s get rid of the ‘but’ and just have a great dog!



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