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Is your dog a free loader?

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australian shepherd

When offered a choice between free food and working for food, can you imagine which your dog will choose?

Hint – Its not the free food!

Researchers have found that ‘animals will perform an operant response to obtain food when abundant free food is available’

Translation Please!

Simply put, your dog would rather endure a training session than be handed a bowl full of food.

In a natural habitat, animals seek out and search for food. This is a rewarding behaviour for the dog, at the end of searching they get their dinner!

Every meal time is a wasted opportunity

You dogs food can be used for training, or enrichment.

Boosting your relationship with your dog.

Putting you at the centre of your dogs world.

Interacting and playing in a new way.

Use his dinner for training

Get loose lead walking by rewarding eyes on you with her dinner.

Strengthen your ‘go to bed’ cue to stop begging and jumping at guests, to enjoy calmness at home.

Sharpen her basic commands buy using just her breakfast.

Enrichment is awesome

Dog’s brains are often under utilised. They’re smarter than you think, and like us, enjoy mental stimulation. Here are some ways to power up the brain and get your dog thinking.

Food dispensing toys help slow down a food guzzling pooch.

Snuffle mats engage your dogs biggest sense – The nose!

Stuffed Kongs keep dogs calm and relaxed when needed.

There are so many ways to use your dogs daily food allowance without just giving it away.

Not only does this enhance your dogs life, but creates a thinking, problem solving dog too.

One which can be easier to train.

Calmer to live with.

And a joy to be around.


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