Dog Training 1-2-1 Private Lessons

dog training 1-2-1

Dog Training

Unleashed Pawtential dog training can help you improve your dogs response to commands as well as training new ones.

Embarrassed by being unable to recall your dog? Sick of your dog ignoring your commands? Or do you want to show off and explore what your clever dog can do? A trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy owner!  We believe in kind, fair and effective dog training methods, based on well researched science and positive reinforcements.  Our methods are stress free and set your dog up for success.

Our 1-2-1 courses are perfect for dogs who are not suited for class environment due to nervousness, fear or stress, or new puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated. We teach in the owners home, where a dog can learn to relax and listen, gradually moving outdoors where there are more distractions.

We can also address specific issues that need working on with more focus on the you or problems occurring in the home, whether you would like one session or several.

Teach your dog the skills he needs throughout his whole life.  Our course is designed to teach you how to train your dog, with help on how to get him to listen to you and how to get an instant response from your dog.

Build a strong and close relationship with your dog. A strong bond creates a mutual relationship of trust and respect, and most importantly your dog will look to you for instruction and direction.

Teaches you to communicate with your dog effectively. Communication is an important factor in any relationship, it is no different with your dogs.

Creates rules and boundaries. Creating rules and boundaries avoids confusion and frustration, your dog needs to know what is being asked of him.

Helps prevent behaviour problems from developing. We can help prevent or stop common minor behaviour problems such as barking, chewing, jumping ect.

Our obedience courses are fun, rewarding and include the whole family. We only use rewards and encouragement based on scientific methods, force-free training and setting your dog up for success.

One-To-One Training

A trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy owner!

Our one-to-one dog training for dogs with behaviour issues is perfect for:

Nervous/reactive dogs who are not suited to a class environment.
One off training sessions.
Additional support after behaviour consultations.
People with busy schedules who can’t attend group class times.

Sessions are £40 per hour.

Total Recall

Focusing solely on improving your dogs recall skills to return to you when you call him.

Lessons include:

  • 2 x 1 hour sessions.
  • Recall training kit, including treat bag, clicker, whistle, and treats.
  • Learning to come when called every single time.
  • Keeping your dogs attention when distracted.
  • Recalling your dog from danger or distractions such as other dogs, people, and roads.

The first session will take place in your home, with one additional session will be outdoors where there are more challenges for you dog to overcome.


Advanced Training

trick training

Suitable for dogs who know their basic commands and would like to train in a special area,

  • Competitive Obedience.
  • Scent Work.
  • Doggie Dancing – Heel work to music freestyle.
  • Tricks – sit pretty, roll over, jump through arms, speak, and many more.

Speciality training is a fantastic and fun way to involve kids in training your dog as well as improving their bond.