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Silent Training

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silent training

People talk too much!

Yap, Yap, Yap!

I’m guilty of this too, I like a good natter, especially with the dogs!

But sometimes, ? you say it best when you say nothing at all ?

Silent training should be the absolute first step.

See we say a lot of junky words that our dogs just don’t understand.

But if we say something often, they can learn an associations.

I bet if you say ‘walkies’, He’ll know exactly what you mean!

For George, ‘carrot’s’ is sometimes more powerful than a recall command!

And Rio just loves ‘tea time’.

They learn the words that matter.

And if you say a word right before something happens, your dog will learn what it means, even if it is accidentally.

Step one

The first step when teaching your dog something new, is to get your dog doing the behaviour before adding the cue.

This prevents the cue from becoming a junk word.

And we don’t want meaningless noise.

We want a strong cue.

The cue can easily by ignored if your dog doesn’t yet understand what is been asked.

Capture, lure, or shape first.

Then add a verbal cue.

Use hand gestures when she still needs help.

But fade them quickly or rely on them forever.

But most of all, no repeats!


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