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3 Tips For Finding The Best Car For Dog Owners

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You will need to take your dog on lots of walks, and you may also like to take them on trips with you. In either case, your dog will spend a lot of time in your car with you. Believe it or not, but certain cars are better for dog owners than others. There are a handful of things to consider if you want to choose a car that is suitable for your dogs. 


Ideally, you want a car that provides you with enough space for your dog to be comfortable. Does this mean you’re heading down to your local Mini dealership any time soon? Probably not, and you can discount other superminis as well. 

Instead, the best cars will have ample room in the back for your dog, preferably with a decent-sized boot. It seems harsh, but keeping your dog in the boot can sometimes be the best option, and it might be necessary if you have passengers in the back. So, you want something with a large enough boot to make your dog comfy, with enough space for an appropriate sized crate.

Seat materials

What materials are your car seats made out of? Ideally, you want something like leather – either real or synthetic. A lot of cars have these seats nowadays, but you still get some that have a fabric covering them. What’s the problem with these? Well, it’s just easier for pet hair to get trapped and contained within the fabric fibres. Therefore, your car is harder to clean and will likely smell of dog a lot more than if you have leather/synthetic seats. 

While not technically essential, it will help you if you choose a car with good seat materials for easier cleaning. This is also more hygienic, so keep an eye out for this when choosing your new car. 

Safety features

Lastly, you need to look at the safety features of the car. Most cars come with a whole host of them these days, but which ones are essential for dog owners?

Realistically, there’s only one thing you need to worry about: child lock. You cannot buy a car without it having a feature that lets you lock the back doors and windows. It’s the windows that are the real problem as dogs can often press the button and stick their head out. While this looks cute – and your dog enjoys it – it is very unsafe. You should keep the windows closed or just slightly open when your dog is riding in the back seats. Being able to put a child lock on the windows will prevent instances of accidental opening from your pup. 

At the end of the day, these are the three key things to look for when buying a car as a dog owner. You need your vehicle to be spacious enough for your dog to feel comfortable on the journeys, so they don’t get agitated and distract you. You want the interior to be easy to clean, and you need it to have safety features that prevent your dog from having an accident. 

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