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Are puppy training pads a good idea? A trainers viewpoint

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are puppy training pads a good idea

Are puppy training pads a good idea? – Here is what our Head Trainer Nikki thinks.

First of all lets think for a minute what our end goals is if we use puppy pads. Puppy Pads are marketed to make house training easier for us. Puppies are hard work, and we all want an easier life! We would generally take any product that has the potential to bypass any training that may be needed.

However, puppy pads are not a short cut.

Honestly, they’re not!

Short cuts just don’t work in dog training.

They just delay or even hinder proper house training.

Think about it…. what are you really teaching your dog to do when you leave them with a puppy pad?

That it is ok to toilet in the house.

The convenience of puppy pads is that you can leave your dog for longer than they can hold their bladder because they have a puppy pad to toilet on in their room or pen.

Its convenient for us in the moment, we don’t have to worry about a puppy until we get home. But what if your puppy toilets near the pad? Well a novel answer to that, and one that I have seen happy many, many times, is put more down!

In the end we haven’t taught them anything at all. They still toilet in the house. And there is another step to get them going outside.

And now we need to place the soggy, smelly pad outside, so that the puppy will toilet in the appropriate area. That is something we could have done from the get-go.

So, are puppy training pads a good idea?

Absolutely not!

  • They teach your dog to toilet indoors.
  • It takes longer to teach them where to go.
  • They’re expensive! Honestly, buy your puppy some yummy treats instead!
  • Puppys could potentially shred them.
  • If you teach your puppy to toilet in the same area of the house everytime, they might decide to go there regardless of whether there is a pad or not.
  • They’re wasteful. Save the planet! ??

Ok, ok, they may have their uses….

They’re great of old, inmobile, or incontinent dogs. And if you live in a flat, toilet training is trickier, I will forgive your use of pads… slightly.

Ultimately, everydog is different.

Your friends, neighbours, cousin might swear by them for the 17 puppies she has already brought up, but they are not for me.

However, my favourite method of housetraining, and one that has never failed me, is simply rewarding your dog for toiletting outside. It does require sticking to a bit of a schedule, not taking your eyes off your dog. But it is worth it, they understand the concept pretty quickly.

But most importantly, remember, puppies will have accidents and that’s ok.

Are puppy training pads a good idea? My vote is NO!