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Can your dog predict your every move?

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predictable dog training

Do you ever feel that your dog knows you too well?

Does he anticipate your every move before you even know whats going on?

Congratulations! You are officially predictable!

But don’t worry, it’s easily done.

My very first childhood dog Monty had the psychic canine sixth sense.

He knew the difference between me getting off the sofa to go to the kitchen, and me getting off the sofa to take him for a walk. All before my feet had even touched the ground!

And it got me thinking

Sometimes dog training can be too predictable.

Do they really know it or are they just second guessing their cues?

See it’s human nature to training in patterns.

Sit, down, stand, down, sit, is a favourite of my students.

Which is great, but it sorta just becomes like your going through the motions.

And in dog sports, it’s really bad if your dog learns a certain pattern.

Like always hiding the scent in the same place.

Or practising the same agility course several times.

Yes, practise makes perfect.

But your dog is not thinking, he’s just doing.

Patterns are no good

And variety is the spice of life!

Be creative in the ways you can make an agility course the same difficulty level without being the same.

Vary the time of a stay or wait.

Add some cues other than sit, down, stand. (Maybe pretty, spin, twist, middle too)

Don’t be rigid in training.

Test your dog.

See if he is thinking or doing.

And most of all have fun!