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Agility Puppy

*****Coming Soon*****

Have you got a puppy you want to train agility with? Get started now!!!!

Agility Puppy Online course teaches puppies everything they will need to know for when they start agility training.

Building focus, confidence, calmness around other dogs, this course builds your dog up to be the best sports dog they can be.

The good news is, this course is not just limited to puppies!  These skills are things that any dog needs to know! Whether your dog is puppy or adult, sports dog or sofa dog, this is a great course for building key skills for a happy life.

If you are thinking about competiting in agility with your puppy, this is the perfect place to start!

Module 1 Intro
Unit 1 Choosing Rewards
Unit 2 Canine Currency
Module 2 Confidence
Unit 1 Ball Pool
Unit 2 Wobble Path
Unit 3 Restraint
Unit 4 Collar Grab
Unit 5 Collar Grab On The Move
Module 3 Play
Unit 1 Play With My Toy
Unit 2 Play Challenge
Unit 3 Interactive Toys
Unit 4 Interactive Food
Module 4 Calm
Unit 1 I Love My Crate
Unit 2 I Love My Bed
Unit 3 Arousal Up/Down
Module 5 Focus
Unit 1 Chase Me
Unit 2 Call Once
Unit 3 Check In
Unit 4 Watch
Unit 5 Ping Pong
Module 6 Disengage
Unit 1 Lead Pressure
Unit 2 Choice Game
Unit 3 Its Yer Choice
Unit 4 Premack 1 And 2
Unit 5 Premack 3 And 4
Unit 6 Premack 5 And 6
Unit 7 Toy Swap
Module 7 Retrieve
Unit 1 Retrieve Level 1
Unit 2 Retrieve Level 2
Unit 3 Retrieve Level 3
Unit 4 Retrieve Level 4
Module 8 Foundation
Unit 1 Race To Toy
Unit 2 Push Back And Run
Unit 3 Paws On
Unit 4 Cone Wrap
Unit 5 Rear Paws On
Unit 6 Reverse
Unit 7 Release Me
Unit 8 Two Targets
Module 9 Tricks
Unit 1 Spin/Twist
Unit 2 Nose Touch
Unit 3 Leg Weaves
Unit 4 Middle