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Dog Agility Explained

***FREE***  Dog Agility Explained

I remember what it was like being a newbie to agility.  Trying to navigate the complicated show processors, trying to find competitions, and not understanding which classes to enter.

We get these questions ALL THE TIME.  So we thought, what better way to answer them? All the info you ever need, all in one place.

We have tried to make it as clear and simple as possible.  There is so much to remember, so our resource is broken down into bite sized chunks.

Either read through the entire thing at your own leisure, or check off each module as you go.

In the world of agility, we have got your back!

In the unlikely event you have a question that has not been answered here, drop us an email at unleashedpawtentialuk@gmail.com.


Module 1 All about agility
Unit 1 Agility VS Jumping Classes
Unit 2 Graded and Combined classes
Unit 3 Grades and Progression
Unit 4 Elimination
Unit 5 Clear Rounds, Faults, and Refusals
Unit 6 Agility Warrant
Module 2 Am I ready?
Unit 1 Focus
Unit 2 Safety
Unit 3 Socialisation
Unit 4 Experience
Module 3 What You Need Before Entering
Unit 1 Kennel Club Name
Unit 2 Age, Date of Birth, Breed
Unit 3 Measuring
Unit 4 Agility Record Book
Module 4 Booking a Competition
Unit 1 How to find a competition
Unit 2 Registering With Show Processors
Unit 3 Entering a competition
Unit 4 Running Order
Unit 5 Young Kennel Club
Module 5 What To Do On The Day
Unit 1 What To Take
Unit 2 Arrival
Module 6 What Happens If I Win
Unit 1 Winning!
Module 7 Finally
Unit 1 Additional questions