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Recall – Zero To Hero

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Welcome to Recall - Zero To Hero!

Whether you want to boost your recall, or start off from the right paw.  From puppy, to older dogs, its never too late to regain control and boost that recall!

Finally learn how you can be more interesting than other dogs, or small animals.

Recall is THE most important skill to teach your dog.  Without it, they will be confined to a leash for the rest of their life, or you'll spend needless hours trying to get them back.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 How This Course Works
Unit 2 Why Is It So Hard To Train Reliable Recall?
Unit 3 Where Did I Go Wrong?
Unit 4 Help! My Dog Won't Listen
Unit 5 How Dogs Learn
Unit 6 Stress, Anxiety, and Fear
Unit 7 Recall Rules
Unit 8 Recall Around Other Dogs
Unit 9 Can Bad Recall Be Fixed?
Unit 10 Magic Ingredients For Reliable Recall
Unit 11 Tools
Unit 12 Our Top Secret Shortcut To Perfect Recall
Module 2 Relationship Building
Unit 1 What is relationship?
Unit 2 Canine Currency
Unit 3 Life Rewards
Unit 4 Play 101
Unit 5 Whoosh
Unit 6 Catch
Unit 7 Collar Grab
Unit 8 Chase Me
Unit 9 RUN!
Unit 10 Leg Weaves
Module 3 Focus And Engagement
Unit 1 Eye Contact
Unit 2 Nose Target
Unit 3 Middle
Unit 4 2 Paws On
Unit 5 It's Raining Food!
Unit 6 Come And Go
Module 4 Disengagement
Unit 1 Food Trap Level 1
Unit 2 Food Trap Level 2
Unit 3 In And Out
Unit 4 Come And Go - With Distractions
Unit 5 Hooked
Module 5 Ok Go Cue
Unit 1 Level 1 - Hold Me Close
Unit 2 Level 2 - Release Me
Unit 3 Level 3 - Can you?
Unit 4 Level 4 - Come Away
Unit 5 Level 5 - Forget About It
Module 6 Bombproof Recall
Unit 1 Practice Makes Perfect
Unit 2 Old Environments
Unit 3 New Envrionments
Unit 4 Working With Distractions
Module 7 Emergancy Stop
Unit 1 Raised Hand Stop
Unit 2 Emergancy Down
Module 8 New Environments
Unit 1 Dealing With New Places/Distractions
Module 9 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 My Dog Is Stubborn
Unit 2 How Long Will It Take?