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Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility Training

Dog agility training classes are full of action packed excitement for you and your dog! Navigate a variety of obstacles by running, jumping, going over and through.  Agility training is a fantastic way to both bond with your dog and provide a different kind of exercise.

Beginners agility covers the basics at a grade 1-2 level.  All dogs must be over 12  months.  This class is not competitive and includes dogs and handlers from all abilities and experiences.  We are all here to have fun first and foremost.

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What will you learn?

  • Jumping – This is really the core of agility! We have bar jumps, a tyre, and long jump.  Did you know, there is more than one way to go over a jump!
  • Tunnels –  This is another very popular agility obstacle.  We have tunnels of all different sizes! Straight or curvy, dogs love tunnels!
  • A-frame –  Our full size A-frame is always very exciting for dogs and owners! 
  • Handling skills – Learn the skills you need to get your dog around an agility course.
dog agility training

Thinking about competing in dog agility?

Dog agility training classes are for people who have been well and truly bitten by the agility bug and are aiming to enter competitions.

This class delves deeper into the agility skills needed, with the goal of getting to grade 7 skills.  This is a super positive, upbeat, supportive class with access to a private Facebook group which shares training success, as well as giving help and support to each other.

One-to-one training is also available.


What you will learn:

  • Wing wraps – tighter, faster turns, with great exit speeds.
  • Obstacle discrimination – taking obstacles that may be less obvious to the dog, eg tunnel entrances under A-frames etc.
  • Obstacle entries – from a range of different angles.  Weave entries, tunnels from behind.
  • Threadles, sepentines, backside sends.
  • Distance handling
  • Verbal cues
  • …and so much more

Our competition dog agility training classes is a continuous class which trains throughout the year.  Exclusively for people who are serious about agility and are committed to training every week.  Its very rare that we have spaces available in this class, if we do, it will be advertised in our agility group first.

dog agility training
dog agility training

Dog Agility Training

Want to do more with your dog? Why not have a go at agility?

Agility is the ultimate, fast paced, exciting sport of the dog world.  It’s no wonder that the Crufts main arena is dominated by the agility competitions.

Did you know that dog agility started in 1978?  And grows in numbers every single year!

We LOVE agility.  Nikki really found a passion from the sport when taking her rescue dog George to local training classes and was astounded at the difference in confidence that they both found within themselves.

So much so that Nikki ended up basing the research part of her advanced diploma on the positive affects of the sport on a dog’s confidence.  Then continued her studies to include a Fun agility instructor diploma.

Nikki was well and truly caught by the agility bug as she now has Rio, her super fast Cocker Spaniel who is training to compete in early 2021.

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