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puppy training classes leeds

Puppy Training Classes

Our puppy training classes teach life skills to any young dog.

Teach confidence, focus, and response to basic obedience cues.

We will tackle puppy problems, from biting the lead, to house training, and everything in between.

Start your puppy off on the right paw.

All students will receive our puppy socialisation booklet.


dog obedience classes

Basic Manners - Life Skills

Our dog obedience classes teach life skills to any beginner dog.  Suitable for any dog who could do with sharpening their response to commands.  For dogs over 6 months old or puppies who have completed our puppy obedience class beforehand.  From dog’s who have never learned to sit, to those only sit when there is something in it for them.  This class is for you!


Your dog will learn:

  • Sit – whilst around others and when there are distractions.
  • Down – with others and around distractions.
  • Stand – an essential command for vets visits, grooming, and everyday  handling.
  • Stay – with distractions and for increased durations.
  • Loose Lead Walking – not just for in class but for every day life! stop barking and lunging at other dogs, people, and small furries.
  • Recall – from the beginning to getting them to come back every single time!
  • Drop it and leave it – release anything in the dogs mouth and leave any temptation that may be close by.
  • Calmness At Home – greeting visitors nicely, settling and going to bed when asked, doorbell and window barking troubleshooting.
  • Wait – practice control of your dog through doorways and when putting the lead on for walkies.
  • Fetch –   Finally teach your dog to bring the ball back and play.
  • Focus – Get your dog to listen and look to you anywhere!

Enrol on Basic Manners – Life skills

Supercharged dog obedience classes for intermediate level training which focuses on quicker responses to cues, longer duration’s, tougher distractions, and control at a longer distance.  We also continue to address any behaviour issues or training questions that you may have.

  • Build more impulse control
  • Better recall
  • Emergency stop
  • Drop it and Leave it
  • Heel position
  • Super stays

All dogs must have successfully completed the Life Skills course first.


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You will learn:

  • Sit – solidify your dog’s sit with longer duration, distance work, and learning a release cue.
  • Down – practice an instant, emergency down with distance and duration.
  • Stay – Increased duration of the stay, as well as asking your dog to stay while you are moving, and in close proximity to other dogs.
  • Loose lead walking – walking by dogs and people in close proximity.
  • Recall – practice around other dogs, and with lots of temptations.
  • Drop it and leave it – release anything in the dogs mouth and leave any temptation that may be close.
  • Calmness at home – practising to stay on their bed whilst around other dogs.
  • Heel and front – train a formal heel and front position.

Enrol Intermediate Obedience Class

dog obedience classes leeds

Competitive dog obedience classes for preparation to enter competition levels, or to achieve a more formal level of obedience.

This class works on precision techniques to achieve the top standards of obedience required to place in a show.  From introductory class to championship levels.


What you will learn:

    • Heelwork – on and off leash with changes in speed, stops, and pivots.
    • Recall – with front and finish
    • Retrieve – with dumbells and other items, includes the present and finish
    • Distance control – sit, down, stand whilst at a distance.
    • Stay – both in sight and out of sight for up to 10 minutes.
    • Sendaway – to a variety of markers.
    • Scent – of the handler, and unknown person.

Enrol Competition Obedience 

Dog Obedience Classes

Dog obedience classes are an essential part of life skills.  And something every single dog should undergo.

But our training classes are a little different! We don’t like boring.  We don’t like the repetitive walking around cones week in week out.  We don’t like the endless drones of ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stand’.

So how is our training different? We train through games!!  I know that most dog owners aren’t as crazy/obsessed with dog training as I am.  And if you are, then welcome to the club!

I know that you want quick, easy dog training techniques.  So we won’t be spending hours doing the same thing every week.

With us, every week is different.  Our training techniques can be achieved with two 5 minute sessions each day.  But we think you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll do more.

And best of all, our training games transfer to the real world! We don’t want trained dogs just in our training centre.  We want to watch you walk across the car park with ease!  We want to hear that your dog’s recall is just as good on the beach as it is in the house.  And we want your dog to be relaxed and settled when new visitors arrive.

Dogs are part of our family, and teaching them how to behave in all situations is an essential part of being able to enjoy life with your dog.

Competition Obedience

Anyone who has met me will know that I’m pretty competitive! And as a total dog nerd its only right that I fell in love with competition obedience.  Any dog breed can compete, but I warn you, once you start, you won’t stop! Get ready to sacrifice your weekends!

Competitive Obedience focuses more on the precision of basic commands such as heel, sit, down, recall, and retrieves.  With the added difficulty of scentwork when entering higher levels.

And it’s not only about precision, but working in high level distractions.  With other dogs, handlers, busy arena’s, as well as loud noises like tannoys and loud speakers.

So do you think you have what it takes to enter the world of competition obedience?

Read more about competition obedience, levels of progression and training requirements here…