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dog recall training

Rapid Recall Masterclass

Dog recall training is an essential part of owning a dog.  Without good recall, your dog might be confined to a life on lead.  This 90 minute course covers all of the basics of recall, as well as getting your dogs focus back to you.  Get puppy recall training right from the start.

What you will learn:

  • How to get your dog to come back to you every single time.
  • Recall training for puppies
  • The secret to amazing recall commands.
  • Boost recall speed with fast, fun, games.
  • Off lead reliability. 
  • Learn several different commands to get your dog to come back.
  • Getting and keeping your dog’s attention on you, even in the face of distractions.


Recall Heroes 4 Week Course

Teach your dog to be a recall hero!   This 4 week recall training course focuses ONLY on getting your dog to come back when called.  Build up from the foundations of training your recall word, to your dog coming back to you when close to other dogs.  From zero to hero!

  • Supercharge your recall word. 
  • Practice recall in close proximity to other dogs.
  • Increase the distance of recall.
  • Learn to come when called with other distractions.
  • Understand recall whistle training.
  • Get focus on you.
  • Train an emergency recall behaviour.


teach dog recall

This course teaches progression, to build up to being able to recall your dog by the end of the 4 weeks.  Each week will add more and more distractions and distance.  Included in the course is weekly homework and practice, along with course notes.

Common recall problems tackled:

  • Dodging out of reach when you go to grab her collar.
  • Playing keep away and not coming close enough to put a leash on.
  • Not listening to commands at the park and other new places.
  • Running away when after taking the lead off.
  • How to teach whistle recall.
  • Building secondary/emergency recall behaviours.
  • How to tell if your dog will listen to you BEFORE you let him off lead.
  • Get your dog to turn back towards you instantly.

Teach your dog to come when called

Learn the best recall training methods for dogs, to get your dog to come back to you every single time.  Train your dog to respond to your command or whistle on first call.

No dog breed is too stubborn to learn.  Yes, even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Dog recall training is the most desired command for dog owners.  Yet it is the one that people struggle with the most.  As with all training, recall takes time and patience to build.

Training should take place at home initially, building up to more tempting distractions, (from toys and food, to people and dogs).  Then increasing the distance between you and the dog.  Avoid adding distance and distractions at the same time, as the dog will find it very hard to make the right choice and training may fail.

Remember that if your dog is rewarded by the person or dog that he runs to, he is more likely to make that choice again in future.

This course is specially designed to supercharge your recall command, as well as create more focus on you when out and about.  We also tackle some of the most common recall problems, such as refusal to come close, putting the lead on, running away when the lead is taken off, and getting your dog to turn back towards you.

The key to any recall training is to keep it fun!  If training is fast and fun, your dog will be more willing to engage and play.  We have all heard the phrase that you ‘have to be more exciting.’

A dog should always be rewarded for returning to you.  Even if he took a huge detour before coming back!  And remember, not all rewards are created equally.  Give fantastic rewards for coming back speedily, or when around other dogs, people, picnics, etc.

Great rewards such as chicken, cheese, hot dogs, or a game of tug, should be kept for fast returns or returns in high distractions.  Praise and kibble should be used for slower returns, or if the dog detours to sniff.

The bigger the challenge for your dog, the bigger the rewards should be!

Recall should never mean punishing a dog for coming back to you.  Punishments can happen in the most unexpected ways, and may include putting the dog on lead to go home or scolding him for not coming back straight away.

Don’t expect too much of your dog!  Training needs to build up gradually.  A 4 year old may be able to do simple additions, but we can’t expect them to do trigonometry!  The same goes for dogs.  Don’t expect your dog to come back to you when something fun is on offer if you have never taught him that you have something even more fun!

Practice makes perfect.  The more your dog is rewarded for making the right choice, the more he will choose the right choice in new situations.  Recall should be practised in as many environments as possible.  Starting with the easiest and working up to more challenging and busy situations.

Imagine having such strong confidence in your dog, to know he will come back to you every single time, even in new places.  Build trust and confidence in their behaviour, so you can give them the freedom and exercise that they need.