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Generalising your dog training

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generalising dog training

Can your dog listen to a command while you do a hand stand?

Or, maybe a little easier to test, while your back is turned?

While you are walking?

It sounds a little silly.

But its important your dog can carry out your commands in any situation.

It might not always be possible to be looking at your dog.

Or standing right in front of them.

Part of training is making sure that your dog knows her commands in every situation.

That includes environments, distraction, distances, and durations.

Often, dogs are trained with their owners standing in front of them giving cues.

This can create a dog who discriminates easily.

Only doing behaviours when an owner is in a certain position, or still.

Generalisation is when a dog can carry out the command, no matter if you are jogging, doing yoga, or laying down.

Or what you are wearing, including santa costumes, and sombreros.

Its an important part of training and should not be overlooked.

Especially if you do, or want to take part in dog sports.

A fundamental step is making sure that your dog can jump over an obstacle on an agility course, no matter what size, colour, or shape it is.

This is where generalisation comes in.

And what I am teaching Rio right now, who is fabulous at weaves in my garden, but hasn’t quite grasped it anywhere else. Which is a bit of a problem but all part of training.

It’s the same with scent work. First we start in the garden, then move to other places, otherwise Rio learns that the specific scent is found only in the garden.

Want a dog who will listen anywhere? Get generalising!


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