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Going on holiday? Read this BEFORE you take your dog – Dog trainer tips

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dog rest

Going on holiday with your dog can take as much planning and prep as taking the kids!

Whilst on holiday:

  • Make sure you have good control of your dog at all times. Allowing off lead time without reliable recall can be dangerous for you both.
  • Split the journey into small travelling times. Ensure your dog gets regular breaks to toilet, stretch their legs, and get a drink.
  • Once you arrive, take your dog for a wander around the area so they can acclimatise and investigate their new surroundings. As well as relax from the journey.
  • Try to stick to walking and feeding times as much as possible throughout the holiday
  • Make sure your dog gets enough rest. If they are not used to walking all day, then take extra breaks, plenty of water, and keep an eye on her to make sure she is not becoming exhausted.


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