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Halloween – Make sure your dog doesn’t get spooked!

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halloween dogs

Halloween can be so much fun! Dark nights, lots of sweets, scary movies, my kinda thing!

But for some pets it can be kinda scary.

Here are our top tips for staying safe and having fun with your dog.

Chocolate can be lethal! All kinds of chocolate can make your dog ill, or worse. If you know your dog has eaten any kind of sweets, please call and emergency vet. Look out for these symptoms – vomiting, diarrhoea, panting or seizures. Xylitol is also contained in sweets and can be equally fatal. Causing loss of co-ordination and seizures, as well as liver failure.

Keep the pumpkins out of the way! Cooked pumpkin is great for dogs, even raw is fine. But be aware of pumpkin that has been left for several days and may have gone mouldy. This mould is toxic for dogs.

Don’t leave your dogs in the garden. There are some truly heartless people in the world who will canvas the streets for desirable breeds of dogs that are unattended. Please don’t let your dog be one of the missing/stolen dog advertisements that I post on my Facebook page in the hopes of reuniting them with their owners.

Keep your dog away from the door. For dogs that are prone to dashing out of the door when its open, its essential. But lets not forget those dogs who don’t like knocking on the door, or strangers. This can be a scary time for them too. Begin to desensitise them to the door bell and knocking right now! (Beginning of October) so they are ready for the big day. Or keep them somewhere calm and quiet, have a friend look after them whilst you enjoy Halloween.

Don’t wait until Halloween night to dress up your dog. It takes time to desensitise a dog to new things, harnesses, halti’s, and sometimes collars, dog’s take time to adjust. So if you want to dress up your dog, start teaching him to love it right now or face dressing a wriggly pooch forever. If you know your dog won’t like it, either avoid dressing them up, or again, teach them to accept and enjoy it slowly.

Beware of candles around dogs. They wag their tails, and flap their ears, and could knock over a candle, or worse, set themselves alight! be sure to keep them out of reach.

Click here for the best way to celebrate Halloween with your dog and their pals!


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