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I Travel Frequently, How Can I Support My Pup For When I’m Away?

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A hectic lifestyle should not stop you from being a pup parent. Still, if you travel frequently for work or take regular vacations, you must address the situation. Otherwise, the problems seen during these moments could severely harm your dog’s behaviour. Even while you’re back home.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to support your dog in this situation. Here’s everything you need to know.

Choose your breed carefully

If you are contemplating whether to get a dog or not because of your lifestyle, knowing your breed is key. Naturally independent dog breeds are likely to suffer problems when you’re away. Conversely, those that need lots of human interaction could struggle while you’re not around. It wouldn’t be fair to choose a dog breed that can’t handle the separation.

As well as impacting the situation when you’re on vacation, it will influence daily issues. Such as when you work in the city and will spend hours away from home each day. You must take extra care when adopting taking a rescue home.

Socialise your dog

Being temporarily separated from their owner can be a little distressing for a dog. However, it will be infinitely harder if they have not been socialised. You can even begin this process before their injections by getting them used to new scents and surroundings. Likewise, they should be made to feel comfortable around other animals, as well as humans.

A social dog will be far less likely to experience anxiety and related conditions while you’re away. Better still, they will enjoy greater engagement with different tasks and activities in daily settings. You must not overlook the importance of this factor. 

Find the right place for your dog to stay

When you take a trip for business or leisure, the seemingly easy route is to leave your pet with a friend or relative. While it may be a convenient and cost-effective option, it isn’t necessarily the best. A luxury dog hotel will be the better option as it will ensure your puppy has all the necessary toys, bedding, and food. And they’ll gain professional care.

From walks to grooming, the knowledge that your pup will be properly cared for should put your mind at ease. Better still, the trained professionals know how to calm a puppy should any issues surface. Your dog will be in safe hands.

Make the most of time together

Finally, one of the most effective ways to make your holidays or work trips feel less damaging is to spend more time together. Take your pup for a long walk on the day before your trip. Spoil them with treats and attention when you return. And generally look to make up for the lost time with love, affection, and new memories. 

The harsh reality is that your dog will probably pine for you regardless of what you do. Still, knowing that you’ve taken the right steps before, during, and after your trip will make a difference. For you and your furry friend.

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