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‘It’s OK, He’s Friendly!’

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its ok hes friendly

Nothing makes me cringe more.

Fellow reactive dog owners will know what I mean.

And it’s not that we have a problem with your dog. I’m sure he is super friendly. (Well most of the time they are).

But we cringe for our own training.

And worry about both our dog and yours.

And if I didn’t have George with me I would totally make a fuss of her.

But George is not a dog kinda dog.

He’s not even a people kinda dog.

He’s very much a ‘leave me alone and we’ll all be fine’ kinda dog.

I put A LOT of work in with George.

He had a multitude of behaviour issues which really tested my training ability, and gave me a steep learning curve, all when I was just starting out as a trainer.

Having being attacked on several occasions, one bad interaction can set us back weeks.

One dog charging across a field at him can trigger him.

And when the owner is a hundred or so metres behind, and clearly not in control of their dogs, ‘it’s ok, he’s friendly’ really doesn’t cut it.

Especially when we do everything possible to keep our own dogs calm and under control.

its ok hes friendly

Have some control

My biggest issue is that too many people just don’t have control of their dogs.

Too many people think it is acceptable to allow their dog to run off to other dogs, and people.

So here is a warning to those people.

It is an offence to have a dog dangerously out of control.

Dangerously being the operative word here. Because a person only needs to have a fear that the dog will cause injury or harm to a person or animal for it to be reported. Whether your dog has caused injury or not. You are liable.

So if you have one of those dogs that run off at the sight of another dog.

Or if you allow your off lead dog to approach an on lead dog.

Please be aware how much training you are undoing.

How scared that dog might be.

How scared their owner might be.

Be aware that, just like humans, not every dog wants to meet your dog!

Some dogs, just like George, are scared, antisocial or just don’t enjoy interacting with others!

Patience, kindness, understanding!