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puppy socialisation classes

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppy socialisation classes are suitable for dogs 6 months and under at the time of enrolment. Puppy socialisation is essential in the first few months to ensure that your puppy is confident and happy around new dogs, people, and places.

This class is full of action packed fun.  What you will learn:

  • Build confidence
  • Meet new dogs, people, and animals.
  • Build focus on you.
  • Teach puppy to stay close.
  • Learn to read your dogs body language.
  • Get toilet training and puppy biting tips.
  • Puppyhood troubleshooting.


Our puppy socialisation class is designed to provide all the socialisation that a dog needs in the first few weeks of life.

The six week course provides help and support for new puppy owners.  Covering troubleshooting topics such as puppy biting, house training, possessiveness, hyperactivity (not being able to settle in the house), and other puppy questions that you might have.

  • Build confidence by playing games such as noise box, confidence corridor, and novelty surprise party.
  • Teach the foundations of recall, get your puppy running back to you from day one.
  • Learn how to heel and walk nicely on lead.
  • Get your puppy used to be handled by playing ‘go commando’.  Essential for vets’ visits and  going to the groomers.
  • Get a focused dog with the ability to work and listen to you while other dogs and people are present.
  • Create a clever dog who enjoys problem solving.
  • Teach a tolerance to frustration, and prevent problems such as barking at fences and windows, as well as lunging on the lead.
  • Prevent behaviour problems from developing.
  • Develop play.
  • Get calmness in the house with arousal up, arousal down games.
  • Learn about the best dog training methods.

All of the training in class will be easily transferable to do at home and at the park.  You will also receive a free copy of our socialisation programme booklet so you can keep track of your progress.  As well as notes on everything that is covered in class.


puppy training classes

Our puppy training classes are designed to build the foundations of dog obedience.  This puppy classes focuses on the training elements of raising a dog.  Covering general commands that will be used every single day.

About  Our Puppy Socialisation Classes.

It has become a trend over the last few years for puppy socialisation classes to be a free for all for puppies, allowing them to run and play with each other without much control or supervision.  This method tends to develop two types of dogs, scared dogs, or bullies.

Unleashed Pawtential strongly disagree with this method, as we believe that it leads to an increase in behaviour issues further down the line.

Socialisation is huge for dog owners.  The Unleashed Pawtential method focuses on working around other dogs.  We pride ourselves on teaching dogs to listen to and focus on their owners.  Rather than running away to greet other dogs and people! Preventing behaviour problems before they occur.  

This method teaches dogs to stay  around owners until allowed to go play.  And prevents behaviour problems in future, such as lunging on the leash, lack of recall, jumping up to greet people.

All of our puppy students receive our free socialisation booklet to help you put your best paw forward! 

Puppy Play

Puppy play in class will be limited to 5-10 minutes of play in groups of 2 or 3 a few times throughout the course and only at the trainers discretion. 

Its important for puppies to learn to be respectful of other dogs, especially of those who do not wish to play.  We love when puppies play together, however, it is important that they learn the correct way to interact with older dogs.  That’s why we limit play time between puppies and encourage focus on the owner, as well as interactions with older, well behaved dogs.

Why do we need puppy socialisation?

Since aggression in dogs is largely fear based, early socialisation is necessary to expose dogs a to variety of different places, people, dogs, and noises.  

Dogs are readily accepting of any new thing that they come into contact with in the first 4 months. These new things become normal for them, and nothing to be scared of as long as nothing bad happens while they are present.

Because of this, it is important to introduce as many new things to puppy as possible, so that she become willing to accept anything that might be a bit novel to her later in life.

Our puppy socialisation classes are uniquely designed to be fun, as well as ensure that puppy is meeting as many new things as possible.  We do this in a safe environment, where every interaction is positive and puppy is not forced into anything.

But what if my puppy is scared?

Don’t worry, it just means that she needs a bit of extra time and patience.  A bit like a maths tutor for someone who is not good at maths.

If puppy is scared, it is best to introduce situations slowly, keeping a close eye on her body language to make sure that she is enjoying the experience.  Never force a puppy into a situation that she is scared of, this will only lead to future problems.

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