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Restricting Options

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restricting options

Sometimes, in dog training, I allow my dog to make a choice to learn what will be rewarded and what won’t.

And other times, those options need to be restricted.

There is still a choice.

But the choice is limited.

It’s like asking a child what they want to drink.

If coca cola is an option, it will probably be taken over juice or water.

But if the choice is juice or water, then there is no real bad choice.

It’s the same with dog training.

When teaching Rio to focus on me, I don’t dive in head first, expecting him to complete an agility run in a Crufts like environment.

I use a long line.

So he learns that doing agility is fun (he does love it I promise)

And sniffing over there is not happening.

If he does want to sniff, I simply stand on the lead, wait to get his attention back, and have a play session for a good few minutes.

I’m teaching him that I am way more fun than sniffing a tree.

Stick with me and we get to play a game.

Complete the agility run and we play the best game ever!

Dogs learn by doing.

The more they do something, the more they will do it in future.

So if your dog always runs away to the dog across the park, then unless you try to change it, they will always run to the dog.

Because its more rewarding for them.

That’s why it’s so important to practise recall on a long line.

Encourage your dog to make the right choice by presenting the right choice and preventing the bad option.


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