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Dog Training Services

Dog trainers at Unleashed Pawtential work with pets and their owners to overcome various behavioural problems that they may be experiencing.

We offer a bespoke training plan, especially tailored for your dog, which focuses on areas which need to change, as well as teaching you how to communicate with your dog more effectively, to get him to listen to you anywhere, in any situation.

From puppy to adulthood, rescue and mix breed dogs, we can help any dog, with any problem.

group dog training

Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes are a fantastic way to train your dog.  All of our classes are designed to be easy, fun, fast paced, and exciting.  No more repetitive walking in a square and giving commands week in, week out!  Our group classes teach real life transferable skills, so your dog will be walking nicely in the park and at the beach, not just in class. More Info…

We offer dog training courses on a variety of disciplines, as well as 2 hour workshops on specific problems:


1-2-1 Training

Are you embarrassed by being unable to recall your dog? Are you sick of your dog ignoring your commands? Or do you want to show off what your clever dog can do? A trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy owner!  Our training methods are kind, fair and effective, based on well researched science and positive reinforcements.  Our methods are stress free and set your dog up for success.

Our 1-2-1 courses are perfect for dogs who are not suited for class environment due to nervousness, fear or stress, or new puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated. We teach in the owners home, a relaxed and positive stress free environment suitable for learning.  More Info…

dog training 1-2-1
behaviour problems

Behaviour Modification

Do you feel like you yell at your dog more than you play with him?  Or are you just about managing the problem instead of seeing improvements?  We can help.

Our behaviour modification programs are specially tailored for your dog, using force free training to teach your dog what to do, instead of punishing what not to do.  This approach minimizes your dogs stress, making him more relaxed, and able to listen to the command that you give in any situation.  More Info…