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Super Sniffers Scentwork

detection dog indication

Does your dog’s nose never lift from the ground whilst out on a walk?

Put that nose to good use, turn him into a detection dog!

A dog’s most powerful tool is their nose, with the ability to detect a half a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic sized swimming pool.  Their nose is 100,000 times better than yours.  That’s pretty amazing!

The mental stimulation achieved through scent work training is more rewarding than long walks with your dog.

So what exactly is scentwork? Scentwork is training your dog to find the source of a specific scent by using only his nose.  Professionally, dogs can be used to find drugs, explosives, people, money, electronics, bed bugs, cancers, and many more different things.  They can even find your car keys!

Our scentwork courses are designed for the complete beginner, no experience is needed, just you, and your pooch.

What you will learn:

  • How scent moves
  • Interior and exterior searches
  • Boxes and luggage search
  • Tables and chairs search
  • Vehicle search
  • Imprinting the scent (teaching your dog to recognise the scent)
  • Indication (how the dog tells you where the scent is)

Our course aims to teach you the skills needed to compete at Scentwork UK levels 1 and 2, (there is no pressure to compete).  At beginner level, we teach the dog to recognise the scent of cloves, introducing gun oil and truffle oil at a higher level.  Find out more about competing in scentwork here.

This course is open to dogs and puppies of any age.  Dogs must be comfortable with being left alone in a vehicle occasionally.  Your dog does not need to know basic obedience skills, however it is helpful.

One to One Lessons

One to one lessons are great for reactive dogs who want to learn a new skill, however, may not be happy in a group class, or for anyone who wants fast track learning!

Group Classes

New beginners class coming early March 2020 and will be available to book early February.

Training Days

From time to time we will be holding training days at awesome locations.  These workshops will be as close to a real operational detection dog training.