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unleashed pawtential review
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Christine and Willow

We had a very good 1 to 1 training experience with Nikki and our cockapoo Willow. She is walking alot better, now knows pulling is not acceptable and is constantly looking to us to praise her lovely new behaviour. We are working on recall but feel confident seeing as we now know what we are doing and where we were going wrong. Thank you Nikki

Emily and Floyd

We really enjoyed the class & your training style.  Floyd’s recall is about the same but we are sure it will get there. We learnt some really handy tips with you; particularly getting him to turn his attention to us when other dogs around. That has been so beneficial and we can almost walk past other dogs in close contact now which is amazing!

Dylan and Jackson

We had one to one training with Nikki.
We had a very vocal,lively and energetic Pomeranian and going through the adoption process this didn’t look good to the social workers as he would jump up and yap constantly and certain noises such as car keys etc would trigger him into a loud frenzy after a few sessions with Nikki she eliminated the triggers and now have a calm relaxed dog and a baby at home she really did change our lives for the better thank you so much for your help and support x

Charlotte and Monty

Monty has been doing scent work classes at Unleashed Pawtential since he was 6 months old. Nikki is great with him and pushes him to progress but keeps the classes fun. Monty absolutely loves the classes, he loves having a job to do and it’s great to see him doing so well at something. Plus the sniffing really tires him out which is a useful way to channel his enthusiasm now he is 9 months old and full of energy!

Alex and Paige

We are incredibly happy that we have found Nikki so close to home. Her style of training is great for us – positive, practical and enjoyable for us both. Her warmth, professionalism, knowledge and calm approach is great. Over the years, with my older dogs, I have worked with various trainers but Nikki is definitely the best…which is lucky because Paige is my first puppy and is very clever. I’m planning to see Nikki weekly for a long time to come!

Alex Holloway

1:1 training

I had 1 to training with Nikki with my dog Paddy. Nikki was very good with Paddy, she showed me how to get Paddy to walk next to me and not to pull. She also showed me how to get Paddy to sit. I need to practice what she has taught me now. Nikki certainly knows dog behavior very well. She also told me about bad habits I have picked up with Paddy like puling him. I would definitely recommend Nikki, it has certainly helped me.

Lisa Weaver


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