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The 3 D’s of dog training

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3 d's dog training

Have you ever heard about the 3 D’s of dog training?

It’s something I mention, and work on extensively, in my training classes.

Without the 3 D’s, there is no dog training.

Let me give you the D’s!


Duration is probably the easiest to build, and the one I like to work on first.

This usually takes place as a sit stay, or down stay.

Start with a short duration.

Maybe even half a second. And build up from there.

Don’t forget to vary your duration times.

1 second, 3 seconds, half a second, 10 seconds, 2 seconds.

Otherwise CONGRATULATIONS, you are predictable.


Next we work on distance.

Distance and duration work together, as bigger distances take more time to cover, hence why we work on duration first.

Once again, distances must vary.

1 metre, 5 metre, 2 metres, 0 metres, 6 metres.


Only ever work on one D at once.

Adding a large distance with a long duration gives good chance of failure.

So if you have a distance of 10 metres, only have a duration of 2 seconds before returning to your dog.

Build up from there.


This one is the biggie.

And one at which most fail at, or don’t train for.

Like both distance and duration, distractions should be worked separately.

Add distractions with very little duration and distance.

The add distraction and duration.

Or distraction and distance.

Before mixing the three.

Distractions should also be built up carefully.

It may be that your dog needs to learn to walk past other dogs when the other dog is 100m away.

Don’t rush it. Gradually bring the distraction closer until your dog is listening and working happily.

Using the 3 D’s, and building up separately, will teach a dog excellent recall, and stress free walks.

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