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Top tips to calm a stressed out dog.

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Your dog might be a happy-go-lucky part of the family most of the time, but there can still be situations where they act out and get anxious. As their doggy mum or dad, it’s your responsibility to calm them down, so they feel more at ease, but if you’ve never experienced it before, you might not be sure what to do. Here are some tips to help you calm down your anxious dog. 

Hold Them 

There is no better way for you to calm your dog down than being close and engaging in physical contact. Your touch is what they love, it’s what feels familiar and calming, and so if your dog shows signs of anxiousness or stress, your best bet is to be close to them, hold, and massage them. 

It’s best to predict moments of anxiety, or do this as soon as you recognize the signs, such as jitteriness or barking. With this support, your dog will calm down and get back to their usual self in no time. 

Give Them Their Favourite Toy

Your dog’s favourite toys are there for a reason. It’s not just a way for them to play, but also something that brings comfort and will calm them down. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, dog toys from Time for Paws can help distract them while they await your return.

Likewise, if they seem unsure of a new environment, such as a holiday home or even a new house, you can keep their toys close by so that they feel more at home. This works as an anchor to familiarity, and it should help them overcome any worries they might have. 

Listen to Music 

Just like listening to our favourite tunes can help humans relax, you can expect the same for dogs. Still, while they may not enjoy listening to Metallica to help ease anxiety, there are plenty of online resources that you can put on that are designed to alleviate tension. 

Typically, dogs seem to prefer classical music, probably because they’re so sophisticated, but this could vary between dogs. Even so, classic tunes are an excellent place to start, as there isn’t too much going on, so it won’t overload their senses and make any anxiety worse. 

Use Calming Coats and Shirts

If you’re unable to hold your dog for long but still see them experiencing anxiety, calming coats or t-shirts can help ease any worries they seem to have. These will apply pressure onto the dog’s torso or back, and works a lot like a baby’s swaddling cloth. 

This method is ideal when travelling with your dog, but it’s also suitable for nights where fireworks fill the sky or if they experience separation anxiety. You can purchase specially designed calming coats, but many owners find that their favourite blanket or an old shirt that smells like you can also do the trick. 

A Calm and Happy Pup

No doggy parent wants to see their favourite family member feeling anxious, so it’s essential to understand the best way to calm them down should they not seem themselves. Primarily though, you need to be there for them so they can feel safe and comfortable.