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The UK is truly a nation of dog lovers! With many charities aiming to take care and re-home as many dogs as possible.  Many of these charities not only care for the dogs, but work with them extensively to change any unwanted behaviour.

Dog’s are amazing animals, and they really can be man’s best friend.  A rescue dog can make a fantastic addition to the family.  Sometimes I wonder who rescues who???  These charities truly need your support so that they can keep helping dogs in need.


The RSPCA are one of the UK’s biggest charities.  Tasked with the tough job of rescuing not just dogs, but animals of all kinds, from horrible situations.

They are also a leader in setting animal welfare standards.  Their mission is to put an end to cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

The Dogs Trust

The Dog’s Trust is the biggest dog charity in the UK.  Working to re-home as many dogs as possible, from a range of situations.  They are also huge advocates of animal welfare, never putting a healthy dog down.

They also founded the Hope Project, providing help for homeless people, and the Freedom Project, fostering dogs for people fleeing for domestic violence.


The PDSA is a veterinary charity which provides medical help for those in need of assistance.  They have worked to prevent illness and unnecessary death in animals for over 100 years.  As well as educating owners in the correct ways to care for their pets.