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Our dog training can help with your dogs unruly or embarrassing behaviour with our personal training plans.

We can help with house training issues, aggression, separation anxiety, barking, pulling on the leash, fear and many others!

We can help with puppy training, refresher training for adult dogs, or specialised training for rescue dogs.

Training is personalised to your needs, with more time to focus on specific issues like ‘drop it’, ‘leave it’, or recall.


Group Training Classes Are Coming Soon.

Check out our blog for the latest top training tips, best doggie products, our favourite tricks, and much more…

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Are designer dogs worth the price tag?

Are designer dogs worth the price tag?

Puggles, Labradoodles, and Maltipoo’s, they look cute, they sound cute, but are they worth the extra money?  A pedigree Labrador puppy can cost between £600-£800, a Labradoodle £900 to £1500.  Or the latest cross breed, Double Doodles will set you back £1,300-£1,600. So what is the difference between pedigree and designer dogs? Pedigree Breeds A […]

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  14/01/2018   No comments
Fireworks Phobia – Training Starts Now!!

Fireworks Phobia – Training Starts Now!!

Fireworks Phobia – Training Starts Now!! So it’s that time of year again, get ready for toffee apples, parkin, and fireworks!  Its only late September and I can hear the odd firework even now.  Unfortunately for some dogs this means it’s time to hide.  The random booms and fizzles can be terrifying.  Some dogs may […]

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  23/09/2017   No comments
Counter Conditioning and Desensitization

Counter Conditioning and Desensitization

Desensitization and Counter Conditioning Desensitization and counter conditioning are two phrases you may hear me say several times throughout a behaviour modification plan.  This is a popular behaviour modification technique which aims to change the dogs emotional response to a feared trigger.  Creating a relaxed and happy dog when in the presence of something that […]

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  23/09/2017   1 comment