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Our dog training can help with your dogs unruly or embarrassing behaviour with our personal training plans.

We can help with house training issues, aggression, separation anxiety, barking, pulling on the leash, fear and many others!

We can help with puppy training, refresher training for adult dogs, or specialised training for rescue dogs.

Training is personalised to your needs, with more time to focus on specific issues like ‘drop it’, ‘leave it’, or recall.

From puppy socialisation and training, to basic manners, recall, agility, scentwork and trick training, there truly is something for every dog.

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Emily and Floyd

We really enjoyed the class & your training style.  Floyd’s recall is about the same but we are sure it will get there. We learnt some really handy tips with you; particularly getting him to turn his attention to us when other dogs around. That has been so beneficial and we can almost walk past other dogs in close contact now which is amazing!

Breaking the ice!

Breaking the ice!

Many of the dogs that come to me for training, have issues with their recall. ‘Recall is fine, until we see another dog or person’ ‘Her recall is great unless we’re in a new place’ ‘His recall is good unless he finds something to sniff’ Are all things I hear in my classes. One thing […]

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Extinction – A lesson from the dinosaurs

Extinction – A lesson from the dinosaurs

When can I stop rewarding her? Is a question I get asked in almost every group of classes I teach. The simple answer is – Don’t! When dogs are no longer being rewarded for doing something, then they just stop doing it. Click here for more about rewards and reinforcement You wouldn’t go to work […]

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Is your dog a free loader?

Is your dog a free loader?

When offered a choice between free food and working for food, can you imagine which your dog will choose? Hint – Its not the free food! Researchers have found that ‘animals will perform an operant response to obtain food when abundant free food is available’ Translation Please! Simply put, your dog would rather endure a […]

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The 3 D’s of dog training

The 3 D’s of dog training

Have you ever heard about the 3 D’s of dog training? It’s something I mention, and work on extensively, in my training classes. Without the 3 D’s, there is no dog training. Let me give you the D’s! Duration Duration is probably the easiest to build, and the one I like to work on first. […]

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