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Dog Training Leeds

Training Dogs. Teaching Humans. Growing Together.

Helping dog owners to communicate effectively with their dogs. All led by expert trainers.

Learning must be fun for both ends of the leash

All of our training programmes are specially created unleash your dogs true learning pawtential.

We have created real life skills developed through a fusion of fun games and obedience training. 

Your dog is at the heart of our training.  After all, where would we be without our canine partners?

Relationship, bond, and focus is what fuels us.  Along with fantastic foundations, our training creates solid, long lasting results. 

What our students say...

We are incredibly happy that we have found Nikki so close to home. Her style of training is great for us – positive, practical and enjoyable for us both. Her warmth, professionalism, knowledge and calm approach is great. Over the years, with my older dogs, I have worked with various trainers but Nikki is definitely the best…which is lucky because Paige is my first puppy and is very clever. I’m planning to see Nikki weekly for a long time to come!
dog training leeds
Alex and Paige
Obedience and Agility
Monty has been doing scent work classes at Unleashed Pawtential since he was 6 months old. Nikki is great with him and pushes him to progress but keeps the classes fun. Monty absolutely loves the classes, he loves having a job to do and it’s great to see him doing so well at something. Plus the sniffing really tires him out which is a useful way to channel his enthusiasm now he is 9 months old and full of energy!
dog training leeds
Charlotte and Monty
Our border collie Milo loves his puppy obedience class, basic agility lessons and Nikki! Nikki is knowledgeable, patient, professional and kind. She always has clear and easy-to-follow strategies and tips that as a first-time dog owner have been invaluable. She is great and I have already recommended her classes to other dog owners.

dog training leeds
Anna and Milo
Agility and Puppy
We went to puppy class and loved it so much, we also attended the basic training course afterwards.  We will definitely go back for another course as it was fun and a lovely way to bond with your dog.  Nikki is a fantastic teacher and really cares for her students.  Nikki is knowledgeable in numerous training techniques and has a lovely way in delivering this.  I highly recommend going. 
dog training leeds
Puppy and Obedience

Dog Agility

Dog agility training classes are full of action packed excitement for you and your dog! Navigate a variety of obstacles by running, jumping, going over and through. Agility training is a fantastic way to both bond with your dog and provide a different kind of exercise.

Puppy Classes

Our puppy training classes are suitable for any dog under the age of 12 months at time of enrolement. Training is an essential part of raising a well rounded, confident puppy. Puppy will learn to sit, down, stay, leave it, greet people nicely, recall, and lead walking skills.

Recall & Leash Skills

Recall is one of the top dog training issues. Solid recall skills are essential for an active dog life. Without it, your dog may be confined to a leash for his daily walks, or run away for hours on end! There’s nothing like off leash freedom without worry.

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we are Unleashed Pawtential

Everthing we do is centred around your dog.  From our Head Training Nikki’s extensive knowledge of canine athletes, to the first few weeks of your puppies life.  We prioritize the training you need to achieve your dream dog.

Your dog is at the heart of our training.  Afterall, where would we be without our canine partners?

Relationship, bond, and focus is what fuels us, along with fantastic foundations, our training creates solid, long lasting results. 

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