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From Puppy To Sports Dogs

Everthing we do is centred around your dog.  From our Head Training Nikki’s extensive knowledge of canine athletes, to the first few weeks of your puppies life.  We prioritize the training you need to achieve your dream dog.

Your dog is at the heart of our training.  Afterall, where would we be without our canine partners?

Relationship, bond, and focus is what fuels us, along with fantastic foundations, our training creates solid, long lasting results. 

About Us

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Our Approach

We strongly believe in providing the best care for your dog, that’s why we only use scientifically proven, force free dog training methods. This uses positive reinforcement food or toy rewards to teach your dog how to behave.

Our philosophy is to set your dog up for success and reward the things we want.
By teaching instead of correcting, we can create a less stressful environment to learn, and a happy, relaxed dog and owner who knows what we want, not what we don’t want.

From Doberman to Chihuahua, we can train all breeds, any age, no matter what their background is. Because our dogs are our best friends!

Meet The Team


Nikki Hodgson

Head Trainer And Behaviourist

Nikki based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and has qualifications in:

  • Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management
  • IMDT Perfect Puppy
  • IMDT Career As A Dog Trainer
  • IMDT Loose Leaders
  • IMDT Happy Recallers
  • IMDT Exercises Foundations to Advanced
  • Search Dog Handler Diploma – Distinction
  • Scentwork UK Trainer Level 1
  • Fun Dog Agility Instructors Diploma
  • Pro Dog Trainer Certification
  • Puppy Coaching Diploma
  • Puppy Care, Health, and Coaching Advanced Certificate
  • Puppy Development Certificate
  • Competitive Obedience Training Certificate
  • Precision heeling techniques
  • Scent Work Enrichment Certificate

Nikki is a firm believer in kind, fair and effective training, using positive reinforcement to enhance the bond between dog and owner, and promoting a happy relationship with our four legged friends.

After the in-depth study of canine behaviour and modification practices, Nikki found a love for all canine sports and training.  She has found a passion for training dogs by using games, making dogs and owners lives more fun than formal training!

Nikki’s motto is ‘correct the training, not the dog’ and is a strong believer in treating all dogs with fairness, respect and consistency.  Nikki is constantly expanding her knowledge of animal behaviour and training techniques, and is especially inquisitive in all areas of dog sport and training.

Guardian to a lovable, goofy Labrador George, speedy Cocker Spaniel Rio, and totally nutty Malinois Tokyo,  who are in training to compete in agility and scentwork!


Nikki Hodgson
Nelly And Penny

Nelly Boyle 


Nelly is based in Brighouse West Yorkshire and is a dog behaviour and training addict.  

If there is a podcast about dog behaviour worth listening to Nelly knows it and has digested every episode. She regularly reads new studies and papers on research into dogs and their behaviour and is a science led trainer.

Nelly’s love for training came from her involvement in the charity Spaniel Aid UK. Nelly took on a reactive and territorial foster through the charity and she had to completely rework her ideas on dog ownership, their needs and training. As a result she has a new found respect and understanding of dogs and is passionate about sharing that with others. The foster dog in question has since been adopted by Nelly and they are continuing to work together through her fears.

The word enrichment is probably one you will hear from Nelly a fair amount. She is passionate about the need of meeting a dogs physical and mental needs and will always have a recommendation of an enrichment activity for you and your dog. 

Nelly is a firm believer in ‘no perfect dogs’ and will forever advocate that dogs are individuals with their own personalities and needs that we sometimes just need to find a compromise with.

Nelly is now on the path to certification and will be expanding her knowledge in all areas but likely to focus on behaviour and rehabilitation.  

Guardian to reactive and territorial Springador Penny and shy and reserved guinea pig Earl Grey.